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Instagram — What exactly is Instagram? For those of you who lived under a rock for the past 8 years, Instagram is a photo sharing and social networking app. You can take pictures and share them with the people you know, the main point is you can take pictures and most importantly, find new pictures. Instagram, like Facebook and other social networking sites, is based on having followers and friends on your account. On Instagram you “follow” people to get the latest updates on what is going on with their lives.

On top of the photo sharing and constantly worrying about what pictures are considered “Instagram Worthy” users are now worried about their feed theme. So what exactly is a feed theme? Basically it’s all about visual consistency. From the explosion of colors to pattern composition, you will be able to create and personalize a theme for your instagram feed. A lot of bloggers, content creators and celebrities are already adapting this trend. Instagram themes are not mandatory, mind you, but if you’ve ever wanted to grow your Instagram account, this is one way to do it.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what Instagram is, let’s jump on the current social media trend of creating a theme for your feed. The secret is creating a universe that is recognizable and within your profile’s context. Most importantly, you’ll need to keep your spontaneity. One thing that would help you come up with your own Instagram theme is to get inspiration from your favorite feeds. What makes it interesting? Figure out what draws you to that certain feed and work from there.

Creating a theme is something that’s especially important on Instagram. When someone views your Instagram feed, they don’t just see your most recent post. They usually see the first nine pictures in your account, in a grid. That’s why it’s imperative to create a well integrated theme that makes your Instagram feed feel and look like an on-brand and linked visual marketing platform.

The best way to achieve this goal is by making sure you remain consistent in your picture composition. Of course, the very first thing that affects this is the photo you’re going to post. Does it fit your theme? If you do love the photo, but somehow it just doesn’t work with your current theme feed, consider posting it on Facebook or Tweeting it instead of posting it on Instagram.

Another thing that can affect your photo’s consistency is the way you edit your pictures whether that means sticking with the usual square when cropping your photos, making the image long and narrow or adding a white border. When all your pictures are uniform in shape and size, it makes your feed look a whole lot better as a whole. Using the same filters for your pictures would help as well if you want your photos to blend well together.

Of course, taking pictures of the same subject would also be beneficial although this one requires a lot more discipline depending on the narrowness of your chosen subject. You can choose to focus on flowers, your dog, food or anything you wish. Although not a very popular method, a lot of Instagrammers have had success with this. By sticking to one consistent visual theme, this makes your profile much more appealing to potential followers, thus ultimately helping in growing your account.

Here are a few examples of themes that might help you decide on what you would want to apply to your account as well. For example, @mckennableu has super bright pictures which makes her profile stand out due to the lighting in the photos. Note that her theme does not focus mainly on one subject, but instead focuses on how her pictures are taken and the filters that are used.

For a more color coordinated theme, you’ll need to choose one or two colors that you’ll want to focus on. Of course, you’re going to need to have one of those colors be dominant each picture you take. For example, if you want your main color to be Black, make sure to always have something black in each of your photos. You’ll need to stick to the same color palette in order to achieve that winning color coordinated theme. A prime example of color coordinated theme is @chicidentity’s Instagram feed, who mainly focuses on the color black for a chic and sleek look.

One way to showcase your love of things is to make sure your theme feed centers around that specific object, or in @ihavethisthingwithfloor’s case, floors. Take a look at the interesting patterns and the colors that are in her feed.

Keep in mind that having a theme for your Instagram feed is no way mandatory. There are a lot more ways to grow your Instagram account, what’s important is you find which one you are most comfortable with. Best of luck!.

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