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Creating photos that stand out among the rest are now very important since Instagram is now moving towards a Facebook-ish feed. And although the app’s 40 built in editing features and filters are great, some of us prefer using third party photo editing apps and tools. Third party apps usually offer more tools and options for your photos, which in turn can help you achieve precision over your photo’s  looks and will help rake in more likes.

To help you with your quest for more likes and followers, here are some of the best photo editing apps that will help you up  your Instagram game. It doesn’t hurt since most of them are free too!

For the selfie junkies: Facetune

Facetune is a photo editing app that can edit, enhance and retouch pictures on your device. This is available for Iphone, IPad, Android and Windows devices. This app is usually used, but of course, not limited to selfie and portrait editing. For some Android smartphones, the camera app already has a built in beauty mode to help give you clear skin, get rid of blemishes, resize your eyes and even distort your face. However, not all of the results are pleasing. Some of the results can be downright terrifying if used excessively. Sorry Apple users, no beauty mode for you.

For the hard core selfie junkies whose phone’s built in beauty mode just doesn’t cut it, Facetune is available in the App Store and Google play for $3.99. It’s a highly recommended application that can help airbrush your skin and whiten your teeth whenever you need the added “oomph” to your selfies.

For those that do not have any upload chill and those who people who likes to upload collages: PicStitch.

Really, no one wants to open their Instagram feed and be bombarded by that one friend who uploads a dozen photos in a minute. Like, you need to chill. Instead of posting three photos per minute, or a selfie with your food, the place you’re at as two or three separate posts, you can instead use a collage app so you can post it as one single photo and not offend the rest of your followers. PicStitch (for iOS and Android) also has 245 different layouts for your photos and built in photo editor. The best part? It’s free!



For the filter loving person in all of us: 1967 (iOS only)

For those of you looking for a simple photo editing app that can help add the sleekest, hippest and most modern filters to your precious photos, you might want to consider downloading 1967. Probably the most minimalist looking photo editing app. The light colors are very easy on the eyes and make a very appealing package. Most reviews found for the app is that it is very responsive to touch and very intuitive to use, thanks to the gesture use. You can get 1967 in the iPhone App store for free with in-app purchases.

For the Au Naturel: Instasize

Admit it, most of us are wary of filters and do not wish to edit photos, but are OC when it comes to picture size and borders -- Insert Instasize. If you’ve ever been on instagram for a while now, chances are you’ve already hear or seen pictures edited via Instasize. With this app, you can add colorful and funky borders to your photos. You can also adjust the brightness and color. You can even edit videos, add text and make collages with this app. Instasize is free which is great. And because it’s so simple to use, it’s best to use for mobile editing. You can get Instasize via the App Store or on Google Play.


Some of the photo editing apps that were listed are far more advanced than the others. I would highly suggest to download the apps that fit your own expertise in order to maximize the app’s potential in helping you get the best out of your photos. Now that you have an idea of which apps are the best, go ahead and give them a try. Best of Luck and Happy Editing!

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